AZ Trail – Ripsey

Mark and Neil provided design services for a reroute of the Arizona National Scenic Trail south of Kelvin. The reroute will be constructed if needed to bypass a proposed mine tailings project.

The terrain was challenging, but when the trail is built it will add a significant upgrade to the existing trail, offering sensational views and providing a much more sustainable route.

AZ Trail – White Canyon

In 2008 Mark led a crew to design a section of the Arizona National Scenic Trail in the Gila River Canyons Passage. The terrain was challenging – steep and rugged – and property boundaries limited options.

It took the crew a week, including two half-days of travel time, to complete a 1.6 mile grade stake center line alignment. The segment is widely viewed as one of the most beautiful stretches of the trail.

AZ Trail – Kelvin


The AmeriCorp crew helped us with this section near the town of Kelvin, AZ.