Trail Design Tips

January 2019

“That would be the easy way, but it wouldn’t be the cowboy way.”

— Ranger Doug, Riders in the Sky

Design trails with an eye for minimizing construction costs, but not at the expense of sustainability or aesthetics. In trail design, assume you have only one chance to get it right, because coming back for a reroute is rarely an option.

February 2019

“Don’t be seduced by freebies.”

–Joey Klein, IMBA Trail Solutions (when he was on the IMBA Trail Care Crew in 1999)

Game trails, social trails, rock ledges – all of these may be incorporated, but be careful they don’t lead you away from, or cause you to miss, opportunities for better sustainable routes or points of interest.

March 2019

First You Build

Designing trail without substantial construction experience may be possible, but knowledge of what can be built, how it can be built, and if an alternative route might be less challenging to builders can only come with sweat equity.