Mark Flint is an extremely skilled trail designer who is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the trail building process.  We are so happy that we chose him to work with us on our Bearfoot Trail project!

Mike Brandt

Project Manager,

Pine Strawberry Fuel Reduction, Inc.


I have worked with Mark Flint in his capacity as volunteer coordinator and Steering Committee Co-Chair on the Cienega Corridor/Las Colinas Construction projects for the Arizona Trail. I have also worked with Mark in the design of the trails for the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Race Course.

Mark has an extraordinary knack for mobilizing and energizing large groups of volunteers in the name of trail building. The high percentage of volunteers who come back is testimonial to his organizational and positive leadership abilities.

His ability to manage the trail building process, from recruiting and coordinating volunteer work events to laying out a highly-functional trail system that provides a quality experience for all trail users, is second to none. His insistence on “sustainability first” results in trails that maintain their character and integrity long into the future.

Mark displays an uncanny ability to design trails with a flow that all trail users enjoy. Aside from all the ‘happenings’ that take place at a mountain bike event, at the end of the day, participants pay to ride a great course. The 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo course, home to America’s largest 24 Hour mountain bike event and designed by Mark Flint, keeps people coming back year after year because they love the trails. The system’s high degree of sustainability means minimal maintenance is required – in most cases, just a little pruning.

Todd Sadow,


Epic Rides


I worked closely with Mark Flint in building 40 miles of the Arizona Trail. I have always been impressed with his dedication to the many tasks that are required to not only build the trail, but also select the correct trail alignment before the first pick is swung. He has the knack or sixth sense for trail building that allows him to look at a descending ridge, a rugged wash, a long straight stretch and make it into a work of art when it is completed — with virtually no major maintenance needs.

What makes all this even more outstanding is that Mark has both patience and perseverance when it comes to selecting and training volunteer crew leaders. The backbone of our trail building efforts are the volunteers who take pride in their accomplishments. If it were not for Mark, this would not have happened.

I often think that you give credit to the person who had the vision of making this trail a reality, but if it were not for a handful of Mark Flints who not only can see the destination but also define the journey to get there, the Arizona Trail would still be a dream.

Bernie Stalmann

Southern Regional Steward

Arizona National Scenic Trail