Trail Reports

Southwest Trail Solutions provides trail design and construction consulting, training and assessment to clients ranging from federal agencies to small communities. Our success is based on a commitment to giving our clients quality professional services at a reasonable price. That commitment comes from a passion for trails, and a deeply rooted conviction that trails, now more than ever, provide a vital connection for people.

We believe that

  • Trails provide much-needed opportunities for people to get out in nature, which improves their physical, emotional, and spiritual health.
  • Properly designed and constructed trails are an important tool for protecting natural and cultural resources.
  • Trails make significant economic contributions to communities and regions.

Our emphasis is on sustainable design, using standards developed to meet the challenging conditions of the Desert Southwest. After sustainability, or priority is designing and building trails that provide an optimal user experience, which includes maximizing aesthetics as well as making the journey more enjoyable.

Our experience as trail builders, thousands of hours of both hand and machine building, gives us the ability in the design process to determine not only feasibility but also to minimize construction costs.

Here you will find reports on a sampling of our project work via the list of trails in the sidebar.