Sabino Canyon – Coronado National Forest

Southwest Trails Solutions provided design services for the Sabino Canyon Proposed Mid-Slope Trail project. Project lead was Parsons Brinckerhoff (now WSP). Sabino Canyon is a highly popular attraction for tourists and residents, and the Coronado National Forest, in the 2010 Sabino Canyon Recreation Area Transportation and Feasibility Study, expressed a need for a project that would reduce pedestrian congestion on the recreational area’s road system, improve trail access and circulation to the area’s outstanding natural and cultural features, and provide an all-weather evacuation trail system out of Sabino Canyon.


The result was a plan for a 6-foot wide path, able to meet ADA requirements, with several bridges and links to the existing road. While the objective was to keep the path just above the riparian canopy, unstable slide areas and impassable rock reefs made it necessary to gain elevation to achieve a safe, sustainable, and buildable trail. It was a challenging project, but the end result is a plan that will, when the path is put into place, enhance the enjoyment and safety of people using the trail system.